Jeremy Vyska

Jeremy Vyska PortraitJeremy Vyska is software consultant located near Boston that works with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (accounting software).


During working hours (which are sometimes a bit long), Jeremy runs a small firm that works with international non-profits and mid-sized corporations to handle their accounting software needs.


In his free time, Jeremy is an avid reader of scifi/fantasy and teaches his toddler to laugh along with Dr. Horrible’s evil laugh.  Some of his favorite authors include Patrick Rothfuss, Jane McGonigal, C. J. Cherryh, Tracy Hickman, Walter Jon Williams, Piers Anthony, and Garth Nix.  For fun, he enjoys games such as Starcraft (1&2), various Lego Wii games, Palladium Rifts, and Munchkin.


Jeremy hopes to raise awareness of all the amazing artists of the world that are struggling for exposure, even in the modern world of viral messages and content sharing.