Indie Spotlight: Leo Kei Angelos
14 Mar 2012

Indie Spotlight: Leo Kei Angelos

I first became aware of Leo Kei Angelos when this Silent Hill Fan Film made the rounds just about a year ago:

Not only was it in the style of the source, but it was delightfully creepy.


Let’s take a look at some of the reasons I think he’s one to keep an eye on.

Delightful Originals

It’s hard to pull off a gunfight when everyone is using single shot firearms, but this certainly manages handily:

I personally hope to see this Red Riding Hood turned into a longer feature:

The storytelling that set the stage for this short was masterfully done:


More Fan Fun

Kei Angelos clearly keeps his skills sharpened doing fun fan films, like this one for Dragon Age:

This Potter-verse fan film is a nice action sequence, which Kei Angelos recently suggested on his Facebook page would be getting revisited:


There’s a lot of gems available from his YouTube account, like this little domestic scene which I suspect I will remember for linking friends to:



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  1. John Hartman on said:

    Leo proliferates at WARP SPEED!

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