SWINE: A post-apocalyptic short film trilogy
06 Apr 2012

SWINE: A post-apocalyptic short film trilogy

SWINE is the post-apocalyptic film with everything you can ask for: action, original hand-made weapons, resistance fighters and a little sex.

The first three chapters were all filmed by a group of friends calling in many favors and connections to make a high quality short. Each chapter cost around $5,000 to film, but you’d guess much higher with the scope of the world created. For a quick taste, check out their trailer below.

With this project being a true labor of love they want everyone to be able to watch their work. The entire first three chapters are available free, on-line via YouTube.

It’s simply amazing what they were able to accomplish with a near nothing budget. The acting is a little rough around the edges with a few characters, but the story quickly draws you in.

One of my favorite aspects while watching the film is admiring all the hand-made weapons they use. To heck with all of the generic guns and Nerf pistols used throughout low budget films. Every weapon throughout the film was crafted just for this SWINE, giving it a unique quality.

The “Well-Oiled Machine” folk just finished up an IndieGogo campaign to raise money in hopes to film another trilogy rounding out a nice feature length film.  Sadly they have only been able to raise enough for one more chapter at this point.  Pre-production has started on chapter IV and promises to continue the story to new heights.

Even though their IndieGoGo campaign has ended they are still accepting donations on their website to continue with more chapters.  All of the rewards from the original campaign are available for donations of different levels.

With your help, the epic tale of SWINE will continue. I know I’m personally looking forward to seeing future installments, and we will be following updates on their production very closely.

You can watch all three chapters right here. Enjoy!

SWINE: Chapter 1:

SWINE: Chapter 2:

SWINE: Chapter 3:

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    Neat, really cool, guys! keep it up!

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