Last chance for supporting C
23 Apr 2012

Last chance for supporting C

In an age of story telling where Dystopia and Apocalypse are the norm and inspiring fear,  ”C 299,792 km/s” (or just C) sets out to tell a futuristic story of hope:

This film is the story of an idealistic flight officer who hijacks her spaceship during an interplanetary cold war, and attempts to escape our solar system in search of other habitable worlds.

Not only does the story sound engaging, but according to their successful Kickstarter campaign, they’re doing something fairly interesting in an age of green-screen domination: using no CGI.  They’re using a more intricate blend of special effects with full sets, miniatures, lighting and all sorts of creative measures.  Take a look at some of these behind the scenes shots:

This project was not only fascinating enough to get coverage from Wired, Geekdad, io9 and many others, but it got double the Kickstarter goal asked for back in December 26.  Which means unlike our usual Monday articles, there’s no Kickstarter project to pledge to.

So why are we covering it right now?  Because they’re in the final stages of the production and they have some ambitious ideas for some miniature sequences (among other things) that don’t fit into the current budget.  They’re looking to raise about $5,000 more, so they’re offering all the same rewards (from the easy $5 for the film all the way up to $10,000 to have the ship itself) via their website.

According to their Kickstarter update:

After doubling our budget on kickstarter we expanded the film in every direction, adding on tons of cool effects and details. Then during the shoot we ran into all sorts of problems from actors quitting, to cameras breaking to just an endless string of little disasters. Near the end we simply had to make the decision to dip into our miniature and beyond the infinite budgets rather than compromise on the shoot.

We still have enough to finish, but any help we can get at this point will make a huge difference!

Take a look at this trailer and you’ll see why we’re watching this one closely:

We’d encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to support the project.  This is definitely one film that we’re looking forward to seeing very soon.

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Jeremy hopes to raise awareness of all the amazing artists of the world that are struggling for exposure, even in the modern world of viral messages and content sharing.


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