Steady Progress
26 May 2012

Steady Progress

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Hello All!

It’s been a few weeks since the last update and we wanted to fill you all in on what’s been going on. 

First and foremost we raised an additional $4,000! A huge thank you to everyone who upgraded and passed the link on, this funding has allowed us to add some flourishes we think you are going to love (once more, if you upgraded please make sure your paypal name and kickstarter name match, or warn us, otherwise we won’t be able to upgrade you!).

Due to the re-casting of a smaller role, we had to reshoot a few scenes. Since we’d already moved out of the warehouse space, we had to rebuild tiny portions of the set in a small photo studio. Each set was built just large enough to fill the frame. The shoot went fantastically, and we accomplished all ten shots that we needed.

We’ve also been making steady progress on the ship model although it has been taking a bit longer than expected. We’ve enlisted the help of master model builder Charles Adams, who literally wrote the book on turning computer generated models into real ones, and his friend Rick Ingalsbe will be helping us with painting it. In the process of turning our concept art into something that can be built Charles has added some pretty awesome details. 

There will be more updates on this front as we progress. The project is moving steadily forward, and are still hoping for a summer release!

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